Continued Support for Flight Planner

Command Software has teamed up with AvPlan EFB, to continue data update services for Command Flight Planner.  This means that you will be able to continue using your Command Flight Planner as normal, with access to air navigation data updates to continue beyond March 2017.

AvPlan EFB is the leading Australian flight planning application for the Apple iPad and iPhone. AvPlan EFB is committed to the same high quality software products and services, and are well positioned to continue development of Command Flight Planner to meet the changing needs of pilots.

Command Software will be working with AvPlan EFB to transition our customers as smoothly as possible.  For now, all your My Account information including downloads and software registration details will still be accessible on our website and updates will still be available through the Flight Planner itself.

If your subscription is currently up to date, your copy of Command Flight Planner will continue to operate as usual with the next air navigation data update due in early March 2017.  Once this data update has expired in June 2017, Command Flight Planner will start warning you that the data is out of date.

Logbook users will also be transitioned to AvPlan EFB support.

The AvPlan EFB team are excited to be working with Command Software and are looking forward to continuing the same high level of service Command Software customers have come to enjoy.

For more information go to the AvPlan EFB website or contact